The Women University Multan launches web TV and web radio on the direction of Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Uzma Quraishi.

سورۃ الفلق | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#16

سورۃ اللھب | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#15

سورۃ الکوثر | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#14

سورۃ الفیل تا سورۃ الماعون | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#13

سورۃ الحجرات | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#12

سورۃ یٰس حصہ دوم | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#11

سورۃ یٰس حصہ اول | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#10

سورۃ النحل حصہ سوم | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#09

سورۃ النحل حصہ دوم | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#08

سورۃ النحل حصہ اول | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#07

سورۃ یسین تا سورۃ ق | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#06

سورۃ الحج تا سورۃ الفاطر | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#05

سورۃ ہود تا الانبیاء کی مختصر وضاحت | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#04

سورۃ البقرۃ تا سورۃ یونس | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#03

قرآن مجید کی سورتوں کے اسماء کا تعارف اور سورۃ الفاتحہ | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#02

تعارف قرآن مجید ، ضرورت و اہمیت ، حفاظت و تدویں | Tadrees-E-Quran | Semester#01 | Lecture#01


Nework Security Training & Workshop in The Women University Multan

Webinar | Sadequain – Tribute to Pakistan’s greatest art legend | Department of Art & Design WUM

Motivational Series organized by WUM in collaboration with Signify Consulting | Promoting peace in The Women University Multan

Webinar | World Art Day | Department of Art and Design WUM

Webinar | World Cancer Day 2021 | WUM – Cancer awareness webinar (in collaboration with Minar Cancer Hospital Multan)

Webinar | Can we be young forever? | Dr. Aftab Ahmad

Webinar | The Debacle of East Pakistan | Panel Discussion

Webinar | How Tenure Track System (TTS) of HEC Improves Performance of Faculty | Dr M. Naseer Akhtar


Radio Interview with “Mr. Sohaib Iqbal (Sr. Reporter GNN & Columnist)” on Covid-19 situation in Multan

Radio Interview with “Estate Officers Women University Multan”

Radio Interview with “Miss Naila Imtiaz”


Happy Independence Day 2023

The Women University Multan Anthem

5th Convocation Highlights – The Women University Multan

Kashmir Solidarity Day – 5th February 2022

Pakistan Independence Day 2021 Celebration – Video Messages Compilation (14th August 2021)

Happy Independence Day 2020 Message by the respected Teachers of WUM

Warm Wishes on Happy Independence Day, 2020 by the team of Women University, Multan.

Happy Independence Day, 2020 Message From The Worthy Vice Chancellor, WUM


WUM LMS Video Tutorials

How to use zoom for lecture/screen recording by Dr Raima Nazar

LMS teacher’s modules explained by Dr Raima Nazar


Coursera Introduction

WUM Coursera for Campus Program


Joining WUM Coursera Program and Enrollment into Courses

Step by Step Visual Demonstration

WUM Coursera Student Guide


Safety measures against Corona virus by Aqsa khalid


Faculty Professional Development Training Workshop Series (14th- 18th March)

WUM VC offers condolences on the death of AQ Khan

Queries about fee submission by syed Rehan Qadir Treasurer of WUM

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Uzma Quraishi interview by ilmiat TV (Mr. Naeem Masood || Columnist Daily Jang News)

Exam Queries by Controller of Examination WUM

Dr.Hina Ali Controller of Examination WUM

DUKHTARAAN -E-PAKISTAN SUMMIT VISION 2020 was organized at Women University Multan

iiScience International Conference on “Light Generation Sensing and Energy” was held at The Women University Multan.